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"Remove not the ancient landmark which thy fathers have set." Proverbs 22:28 


 The Confederate Cemetery Association was founded by members of the Sons of the Confederate Veterans and Daughter of the United Confederacy on January 10th, 1992. Its members are dedicated to the restoration and care of the final resting place of hundreds of American veterans and their families buried in the Confederate Cemetery. CCA Members volunteer, organize, perform ground maintenance, restoration, and improved works. Among the CCA's achievements are obtaining National Historic Designation and the Texas Historical Commission's designation of being a Historic Texas Cemetery.
The Confederate Cemetery is located in the heart of the historic San Antonio Cemetery #4. It is part of the original 40-acre grant given the city of San Antonio by the King of Spain that was later divided into twenty-nine separate cemeteries by the city aldermen. In 1885 the Albert Sidney Johnston Camp, No. 1, United Confederate Veterans of San Antonio, purchased the property to provide a final resting place for Confederate Veterans and their families. Today there are over 900 marked graves in the Confederate Cemetery, including those veterans of the War Between the States or more commonly known as the Civil War (BOTH Union and Confederate), the Indian Wars, World War I, World War II and their families. Among the Prominent veterans interred are the noble Texans: John Salmon "RIP" Ford, George Wythe Baylor, and Hamilton P. Bee.

To this day, the Confederate Cemetery Association is supported by 4 different San Antonio area Confederate Heritage & Historical Organizations:

Sons of Confederate Veterans - Texas Division

Hood's Texas Brigade, Camp #153
Alamo City Guards,  Camp #1325

Texas Lonestar Greys, Camp #1953

Texas Society Order of Confederate Rose, Inc.
Alamo Rose, Chapter #4

United Daughters of the Confederacy - Texas Division
Albert Sydney Johnston, Chapter #2060

Texas Society, Military Order of the Stars and Bars
Lawrence Sullivan Ross, Chapter #168


Our mission is to protect, preserve, maintain and continue researching and identifying the Confederate Veterans resting in the old City Cemetery #4, located at the corner of S. Palmetto and E. Commerce, San Antonio TX.
To assist the placing grave markers for any Confederate Veteran located in the Confederate Cemetery.
To maintain a list of all marked and dedicated graves.

* Ground maintenance.
* Monetary contributions for upkeep.
* Cleaning, restoration and maintenance of the monuments.

Join the CCA & help preserve our history!

   General Membership to the Confederate Cemetery Association is open to men and women, ages 14 and up. You do not need a Confederate ancestor, just a drive to see history preserved. Simply, download a membership application and mail in your dues. Dues to the CCA are annual $15.00, from January to December of the calendar year. Please contact Jo Ann Seiler: if you have any questions.

   The Historic Confederate Cemetery's Entrance is located at the corner of E.Commerce & S. Palmetto,

east of Downtown San Antonio.

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